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Scheltr is your go-to platform to find student housing. Using our algorithm we find you a living space for the terms you need, with the people you want.

How does this work?

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Create your profile by setting your individual preferences based on the type of accommodation you are looking for

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Create a group or join an existing group you are invited to. Set group preferences with the information we need to find your accommodation.

Find Place

Accept group invites and agree to group preferences for us to find your place. We then email you to view the listing and arrange a viewing time.

What's important to us

It's a sweet experience

At Scheltr we believe that tenants should come first at every aspect of the living experience. Sadly this does not happen today. Scheltr was created for exactly this reason by students, for students.

We make the student living experience better by simply making things easier. Finding your perfect location, dealing with complex leasing arrangements, and getting a rental for the terms you need, are all examples of unnecessary burdens that Scheltr solves.

The Team

Wil Schmor


Adrian Krebs